Hospital Grade Clinic
to Perform a Normal Delivery

Our clinic chooses natural childbirth
for faster recovery and healthier pregnancy
for Mom & kids
Affordable Prices, Hospital Grade Service

Follow Hospital-Grade Standards Of Care


Honest & transparent in providing information to patients

dr Martin Hermawan, SpOG

What are the Services Available
at Kehamilan Sehat?

Obgyn Clinic

Check-up with a trusted gynecologist at Kehamilan Sehat


Pediatric Poly

Enjoy a variety of pediatric services and pediatrician consultations


Lactation Clinic

Overcome complaints about breastfeeding your baby by consulting a lactation doctor.



Check female and male fertility and plan pregnancy at Kehamilan Sehat

Normal Delivery

Safe normal delivery for baby & fast recovery time for mom

pemasangan iud

Pharmacy & Laboratory Checks

Full supply of medicines and vitamins at lower prices and lab checks during pregnancy.

Happy Mom & Dad

What They Say About Kehamilan Sehat

Why Kehamilan Sehat?

Gynecology Clinic Patients

Who have had their pregnancy checked at Kehamilan Sehat

Specialist Doctors

Experienced obstetricians, pediatricians, and lactation doctors

Certified Midwives

Who are friendly and ready to help Mommils

Labor and Delivery Patients

Have been handled with safe and comfortable facilities

Clinics in 6 Major Cities

Spread across Tangerang, Jakarta, Bekasi, Bandung, and Palembang

Pediatric Poly Patients

For vaccination services to child development consultations

12 out of 40+ Doctors at Kehamilan Sehat

Prof. dr. Johanes Mose,

Obgyn doctor at Kehamilan Sehat BKR

dr bayu spog
dr. Patrick Bayu,

Obgyn doctor at Kehamilan Sehat Palem Semi

dr. Adrian Goenawan,

Obgyn doctor at Kehamilan Sehat Karang Tengah

dr. Medissa Diantika,

Obgyn doctor at Kehamilan Sehat Serpong

dr. Eko Setiawan,

Obgyn doctor at Kehamilan Sehat Premvill

dr bayu spog
dr. Fadhillah Akhdasari,

Obgyn doctor at Kehamilan Sehat Ceger

dr. Eva Febia,

Obgyn doctor at Kehamilan Sehat Duren Sawit

dr. Benny Harmoko,

Obgyn doctor at Kehamilan Sehat Alam Sutera

dr. Martin Hermawan,

Obgyn doctor at Kehamilan Sehat BKR

dr. Intan Firmana Putri,

Obgyn doctor at Kehamilan Sehat Ciputat

dr. Rudy Ciulianto,

Pediatrician at Kehamilan Sehat Karang Tengah

dr. Willy Santoso,

Pediatrician at Kehamilan Sehat Alam Sutera

Media Coverage Of Kehamilan Sehat

400.000+ Pregnant Moms Were Treated

16 Branches in Major Cities

Specialist & General Practitioners

24/7 Give Birth Facility


We Prioritize Normal Delivery, Not Cesarean Most couples want childbirth.

Unfortunately, this opportunity is less and less available because birth by cesarean section is considered a more practical option. At Kehamilan Sehat Clinic, we do not look at how practical the birth process is but how the process will be more beneficial for Mom & child.

Honesty & transparency. We prioritize conveying all information to be the couple’s right of choice to determine the type of delivery to be taken. Under ideal conditions, we recommend normal childbirth, not a cesarean, to get the benefits of normal child birthing.

Best Quality, Affordable

Many assumptions say that the certainty of safe & the best quality child birthing service can only be served in a hospital – not a clinic.

This has changed

Kehamilan Sehat Clinic comes with hospital grade quality:

  • Professional service & high quality
  • Certified & experienced medical personnel
  • Security guarantee with clean & sterile infrastructure

The same quality as this hospital obtained at a lower price.

Expressions of Patient Satisfaction

"The doctor explained in detail."

Usg here at @kehamilansehat is the result of a recommendation from my best sister-in-law, @non.ayuu. The service is good, and the place is very comfortable. Although you’re queuing with friendly service and low prices, it’s a comfortable and good place, so it doesn’t matter if you wait a bit longer too. The doctor explained everything in detail, not just talking or being ignorant at all. 😄Now If a friend’s neighbor’s niece is pregnant, I recommend an ultrasound here at @kehamilansehat.

Wimerni Tri Lestari

"4D HD Live Ultrasound is very affordable."

Where else, if not at the Kehamilan Sehat Clinic, is 4D HD live ultrasound very affordable during this pandemic? Not to mention getting a detailed medical record. I love the A3-sized printout, so I can keep it until the baby grows up. Since the first child, it’s never been wrong to choose the clinic at Kehamilan Sehat Clinic Jakarta.

Rahayu Pratiwi

"The doctor is very detailed, and the ultrasound equipment is sophisticated."

Sejak pertemuan pertama langsung jatuh hati dengan pelayanan dan fasilitas USG di klinik ini. Kami periksa di KS Serpong dengan dokter Medissa. Dokternya detail banget apalagi alat USG-nya canggih, tiap organ vital baby di cek satu persatu dengan teliti, dari mulai jantung, paru-paru sampai lambung. Pokoknya menenangkan kami sekali. Insya Allah kalo berjodoh kami jg berencana melahirkan disini. Yang penting istri udah happy ketemu tempat yang cocok segala-galanya.

Andrian Permata Putra