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Routine Examination & Fulfillment of Vitamins and Calcium during Pregnancy



Plan Mom’s Pregnancy with Dad with the Pregnancy Program from Kehamilan Sehat

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2D Ultrasound Examination,

Get Free 4D Ultrasound

Pregnancy is certainly a happy moment for married couples because they will get a baby. Various ways are done to ensure the condition of the fetus is healthy, one of which is routine pregnancy checks.
In the process of routine examination, examination using 2D and 4D ultrasound is an important thing that should not be missed. With 2D ultrasound, Mommil can see the internal organs of the baby in the womb flatly, which is suitable when the gestational age is still early so that she can find out if there are abnormalities in the fetus or the state of the uterus.
While 4D ultrasound can display images that are 4-dimensional, allowing Mommil to see the development of the fetus in real time, in some places the examination using 4D ultrasound is currently quite expensive.

But there’s no need to worry! Because only at the Healthy Pregnancy Clinic, by doing a 2D ultrasound, Mommil can also enjoy free 4D ultrasound facilities. In addition, Mommil will also be given a detailed explanation by a SIP-certified obgyn specialist.


dr. Fatin Atifa, Sp.OG

Doctor in Charge of Kehamilan Sehat Palem Semi Tangerang

Ultrasound at Kehamilan Sehat Palem Semi


Simply Do 2D Ultrasound Checked up,

Get Free 4D Ultrasound (HD Live Face)

Pregnancy Program Services with Gynecologists

Kehamilan merupakan momen berharga yang selalu dinantikan oleh pasangan suami istri. Namun, momen kehamilan ini tidak selalu mudah didapatkan bagi beberapa pasangan. Bahkan tidak jarang juga pasangan dengan usia pernikahan sudah terbilang lama tetapi belum juga melihat tanda-tanda kehamilan. Jangan tunda perencanaan program hamil dengan dokter spesialis kandungan ya Mom dan Ayah.

Bagi pasangan suami istri yang sedang merencanakan kehamilan perlu mendapatkan informasi lebih lanjut tentang edukasi kehamilan dengan dokter yang tepat. Informasi inilah yang akan dijadikan rujukan oleh pasangan suami istri untuk mengikuti program hamil agar segera mendapatkan anak. Inilah saatnya bagi pasangan suami istri yang ingin merencanakan program hamil untuk mengunjungi klinik Kehamilan Sehat.

Kehamilan Sehat merupakan klinik yang menyediakan layanan program hamil untuk pasangan yang sedang berusaha mendapatkan momongan dengan konsultasi langsung dengan dokter spesialis kehamilan yang sudah berpengalaman.


dr. Patrick Bayu, Sp.OG(K-FER)

Doctor in Charge of Kehamilan Sehat Palem Semi Tangerang

Information and Doctor's Schedule at
Kehamilan Sehat Palem Semi

Obgyn Doctor's Schedule of
Kehamilan Sehat Palem Semi

dr. Fatin Atifa, Sp.OG

09.00-11.30 & 16.00-19.00

09.00-11.30 & 16.00-20.00




dr. Patrick Bayu, Sp.OG(K)

07.30-09.45 & 15.30-20.30

07.30-08.45 & 15.30-18.30


07.30-09.45 & 16.30-20.30


*Schedule subject to change

*Be sure to call 0811-1725-959 to get an updated schedule for your visit.

Pediatrician Schedule of
Kehamilan Sehat Palem Semi


12.00-15.00 dr. Rudy, Sp.A


11.00-16.00 dr. Rudy, Sp.A


12.00-15.00 dr. Rudy, Sp.A


11.00-16.00 dr. Rudy, Sp.A


12.00-15.00 dr. Rudy, Sp.A


12.00-15.00 dr. Rudy, Sp.A


Notes: *Doctor's schedule can change at any time, we recommend registering via WhatsApp

Lactation Counselor Schedule of
Kehamilan Sehat Palem Semi


dr. Naskaya Suryadinata, CBS





Contact & Address of 
Kehamilan Sehat Palem Semi, Tangerang


+62 822-6078-7165 (WhatsApp)

Kehamilan Sehat Palem Semi Location

Ruko CBD Palem Semi
No.16-19 Jl. Palem Jepang
Kel. Panunggangan Barat
Kec. Cibodas kota Tangerang

View Map Here

  • Patients can make an appointment with a doctor through the Medital Application with registration procedures here.
  • Patients can also register directly at the location, registration opens at the beginning of the doctor’s practice hours until 30 minutes before the practice is over

Additional information: We prioritize the queue for patients who make an appointment through the medical app. In case of emergency, we recommend going to the nearest emergency room.

Patients’ Satisfaction Expression


"The doctor explained the detailed information."

“The ultrasound here is really happy because the baby’s face is clearly visible, the doctor explains very detailed information, the nurses are friendly, the place is comfortable and clean, and anyway, it is recommended for bumil-bumil deh where the price is quite affordable. I am very satisfied anyway.”


"Affordable Prices & Good Service"

“Always satisfied with the clinic’s service. Doctor Fatin always gives good advice to patients, and the nurses are friendly. From pregnant with my first child to my second child, I consulted at Kehamilan Sehat Palem Semi Karawaci. Affordable price and good service.”

Fauziah Rukmanasari

"Doctor Fatin's examination results are satisfactory."

“I’ve been to Kehamilan Sehat three times; the service is good, and I’m always greeted by a pleasant administrator.”Doctor Fatin’s examination results are satisfactory, and the affordable price for the 4D ultrasound is good, I am very happy. Thank you, Kehamilan Sehat Karawaci.”

Irma Yanti

"Good communication with the doctor"

So far during the examination, communication is quite good with the doctor, until giving birth to child 1, I happened to be handled by Dr. Fatin, Thank God I was born normally. I am quite satisfied with the services of Kehamilan Sehat Karawaci.

Dewi Yu

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Kehamilan Palem Semi Tangerang



Why Choose
Kehamilan Sehat Palem Semi Tangerang?

Pregnancy Program for Mom and Dad at Kehamilan Sehat Palem Semi Tangerang

Imagine if Mom could enjoy complete services at just one clinic.  Kehamilan Sehat Palem Semi Clinic is ready to provide these super complete services for Moms and Dads in Palem Semi and surrounding areas. As the name implies, Kehamilan Sehat Palem Semi Clinic provides services related to pregnancy. The service is present not only for those who are already pregnant but starts long before that, in the form of a pregnancy program.

The Pregnancy Program is a program aimed at married couples who have been married for more than a year but have not yet been blessed with a baby. Couples interested in joining this program can start by registering at Kehamilan Sehat Palem Semi Clinic. Kehamilan Sehat Palem Semi Schedule is available every day to make it easier for couples who consult to find the right schedule.

One of the first stages that both individuals participating in this pregnancy program must complete is a comprehensive examination to determine the husband and wife’s health problems. For the wife, this is done with a Transvaginal Ultrasound examination to check the health condition of the uterus. As for the husband, this is done by conducting a sperm quality check. The transvaginal ultrasound will be done at this clinic, while the sperm quality check will be done at another hospital based on a referral letter from Kehamilan Sehat Palem Semi

Routine Pregnancy Checkup at Kehamilan Sehat Palem Semi

The success of the pregnancy program as part of Kehamilan Sehat Palem Semi services will not be complete without regular pregnancy checks for Mommil and the baby in the womb. For this routine check-up, Mommil can also do it at this clinic according to the available Kehamilan Sehat Palem Semi schedule. In the process of this routine examination, the examination using ultrasound is an important thing that should not be missed.

At Kehamilan Sehat Palem Semi, Mommil needs to do an ultrasound examination at least 4 times during pregnancy, namely in:

  1. First trimester before the 16th week of pregnancy
  2. Second trimester when the womb reaches weeks 24-28
  3. Third trimester between weeks 30 and 32
  4. At weeks 36 and 38

The main purpose of an ultrasound examination is to see the development and condition of the baby in the womb. By doing an ultrasound, it can be seen whether the baby’s development is in accordance with his age, whether there are problems in terms of development or position of the baby, and so on.  Ultrasound examination as part of Kehamilan Sehat Palem Semi service is indeed done 4 times during pregnancy. However, it does not rule out the possibility that this examination is carried out more frequently according to the condition of Mom and the fetus.

Open Until Sunday, Kehamilan Sehat Palem Semi Schedule

There are 2 doctors available at Kehamilan Sehat Palem Semi, an ultrasound clinic in the Karawaci area. Mommil can have an examination at Kehamilan Sehat Palem Semi Clinic according to the existing schedule. Kehamilan Sehat Palem Semi is open from Monday – Sunday.

Kehamilan Sehat Palem Semi Schedule in Karawaci is open all day, which, of course, makes it very easy for Mommil and married couples who want to consult. Kehamilan Sehat Palem Semi Schedule, which is open in the afternoon is perfect for Mommil, who works and only has free time after returning from work in the afternoon. With service hours available every day and complete services provided,  Kehamilan Sehat Palem Semi Clinic is the best clinic choice for Mommil in Palem Semi and surrounding areas.