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Why Choose

Kehamilan Sehat Jakarta?

Kehamilan Sehat Branch in Jakarta
For Mommils who live in the Jakarta area and are looking for Jakarta obstetrician services, Kehamilan Sehat Jakarta can be the answer when Mommils who want to find friendly, quality obstetrician services at competitive prices. Kehamilan Sehat Jakarta branches offer quality services at competitive prices for all groups.

There are 3 branches of the Jakarta Kehamilan Sehat clinic for Mom to choose from, namely:
Kehamilan Sehat Duren Sawit (East Jakarta)
Kehamilan Sehat Sunter (North Jakarta)
Kehamilan Sehat Pos Pengumben (West Jakarta)

The spread of Kehamilan Sehat clinics in Jakarta will make it easier for Moms to get the best obstetrician services in Jakarta within a short distance.
Kehamilan Sehat Clinic Jakarta is a clinic that provides pregnancy check-ups. For Mom who lives in Jakarta, especially Duren Sawit, Sunter, and Pos Pengumben. now Mom can get hospital-grade standardized pregnancy check-up service here. With the slogan “It’s not a privilege, It’s your right!”, we give Mom the opportunity to have the best Jakarta obstetric clinics, such as Kehamilan Sehat Duren Sawit, Sunter, and Pos Pengumben. Education from Jakarta’s best obstetricians is useful to realize a Kehamilan Sehat and normal delivery.

Services at Kehamilan Sehat Clinic Jakarta

Kehamilan Sehat Clinic Jakarta provides the best obstetricians with pregnancy check-ups, 2D and 4D ultrasounds, pregnancy programs, pregnancy exercises, birth control programs (IUD installation), and pharmacy (drugs & vitamins).

Accompanied by the best obstetrician in Jakarta, Mom will be told to do a 2D and free 4D ultrasound. Then when Mom has complaints of back pain, groin pain, and tailbone pain, Mom will be advised to do pregnancy exercises at Kehamilan Sehat Clinic Jakarta, Duren Sawit. Pregnancy exercises at Kehamilan Sehat Clinic Jakarta will be guided by Certified & Professional Instructors, free education with the best obstetricians in Jakarta, and available pregnancy exercises for labor preparation.

If Mom wants to do an IUD insertion, the Jakarta gynecology clinic provides a place with tools that are guaranteed sterile, carried out according to safety procedures, and directly by Obgyn Doctor. The reason Mom can try IUD insertion is known to have an almost perfect percentage of preventing pregnancy and can delay pregnancy for a period of 5 years, with this IUD birth control Mom and Dad can stop it at any time as desired

Best Obstetrician in Jakarta
When it comes to labor, Mom has to choose the best obstetrician in Jakarta that is closest to the location where Mom lives. Fortunately, that doesn’t have to be Mom’s experience. With the existence of the Kehamilan Sehat, the best obstetrician services in Jakarta can be obtained simply by Mom coming to the nearest Kehamilan Sehat. Patient safety is always our priority. We also understand that pregnancy can be a happy and stressful time. Worrying about the condition of the fetus and Mommil’s health can be haunting. For this reason, the medical staff of Kehamilan Sehat ranged from midwives to Jakarta obstetricians. Kehamilan Sehat always applies service standards that rely on patient safety.

Kehamilan Sehat works with the best obstetricians in Jakarta. Our obstetricians have received certification and SIP (License to Practice) from related institutions. To support the services of the best obstetricians in Jakarta, the equipment used also meets the standards of medical service providers. All of this is done to ensure the safety of our patients.

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