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dr. Arinta Atmasari, Sp.A M.Kes

Meet dr Arinta, a Palembang pediatrician who practices at Healthy Pregnancy Kenten. See dr Arinta’s practice schedule below:


Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday : 12 AM – 2 PM


Jl.Residen H Najamuddin Komplek D’miro No AA 01-03 RT 003/01, Kel.Sukamaju Sako Palembang City. Check Maps disini

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2. Is the pediatrician in Palembang easy to reach? 

“Choosing a pediatrician is an important decision that Mom should make even before the baby is born. The pediatrician that Mom & Dad choose will know the child well and regularly provide medical advice during the child’s developmental stage. In the first year after the baby is born, Mom should visit the pediatrician regularly to ensure that the child’s health and nutrition are well taken care of.”

Tips for Choosing a Pediatrician

For Mom who lives in Palembang, you can find recommendations for pediatricians in Palembang on this page. Before doing so, Mom can read the tips on choosing a pediatrician below.

1. Do some research

Make sure the pediatrician in Palembang you choose has a license to practice. Consider the pediatrician’s home/office location and practice hours in light of Mom’s needs. Pediatricians in Palembang who practice on weekends or after working hours can be one of the best recommendations.

2. Is the pediatrician in Palembang easy to reach?

Easy and convenient communication with the pediatrician is one of the most important things. Occasionally,  Mom can also communicate online via chat message or email to monitor the progress of the child, especially if the child needs to do lab tests or vaccinations.

3. During your first visit, ask as many questions as you need to.

    The pediatrician will be the primary partner and advisor for Mom & Dad during your child’s growth process. You need full confidence and trust so that the pediatrician you choose can comfortably give you advice.

    4. See how the pediatrician interacts with the child

    After doing research, Mom & Dad can pay special attention to how the pediatrician interacts with the child. This is so that the child is easy to build a bond with the doctor Mom chooses.

    Pediatrician Recommendations Palembang

    Recommendations for pediatricians in Palembang can be obtained at the Kehamilan Sehat Clinic Palembang Branch. The following pediatrician references are

    dr. Arinta Atmasari, Sp.A

    Dr. Arinta practices at the Kehamilan Sehat Clinic in Kenten Palembang. Mom & Dad can meet Doctor Arinta at the Palembang Pediatrician Practice Hours on Monday through Saturday. Mom can consult with Doctor Arinta about the child’s growth and development or when the child is sick. Consult Mom & Child Complaints by clicking here. The rate for consultation with Arinta Pediatrician Palembang is IDR 120,000, including admin fees, but not registration fees.