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Why Do Many Moms

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Having a baby is a good thing for married couples. But there are times when couples have plans to have a more quality family by preventing or delaying pregnancy for a certain period of time.

In addition, the government also provides a family planning program to support couples who want to delay or prevent pregnancy by installing an IUD. So what are the factors that encourage Mom to choose to install an IUD:


The IUD is known to have an almost perfect pregnancy prevention percentage


The IUD can also be discontinued at any time according to Mom and Dad's wishes.


Couples can delay pregnancy for a period of five years.

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IUD Insertion Procedure in Kehamilan Sehat

Seeing the many advantages possessed by the type of birth control IUD, many clinics provide IUD insertion, but do not necessarily have the correct process. Healthy Pregnancy Prosperous serves the installation of the IUD with a SAFE procedure.

Consultation with the Sp.OG Doctor

Before starting the installation procedure, the Sp.OG doctor will first interview the patient about the history of birth control & the reasons for doing birth control.

Checking Pregnancy Condition with Test Pack

The doctor will ask the patient to check for pregnancy using a test pack.

Checking the Uterus Through Ultrasound

Checking the uterus through ultrasound aims to determine the right position for IUD insertion.

Expression of Patient

Satisfaction IUD Insertion


"IUD insertion at Healthy Pregnancy is reasonably priced."

The price of installing an IUD at Kehamilan Sehat is still reasonable, and the service at the clinic and on social media is also very friendly, and helpful. The clinic is also clean!

Rizkia Salsabila

"The service from the doctor and nurse is friendly."

The price of IUD insertion at Healthy Pregnancy Suncity is not draining the pocket, and the service from the doctor and nurse is friendly. The health protocol is very well maintained, and the doctor’s explanation is also informative. Thank you Kehamilan Sehat

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IUD Insertion

IUD Insertion in Kehamilan Sehat

There are various ways and types of contraceptives or birth control that can be used by every couple, one of which is by installing an IUD. Seeing the many advantages possessed by the type of birth control IUD, many clinics provide the installation of birth control IUDs but do not necessarily have the right process.

Kehamilan Sehat serves the installation of the IUD with various advantages, namely:

  1. Before the IUD is inserted at Kehamilan Sehat, Mom’s uterus will be examined using ultrasound to ensure that the uterus is in good condition and is not pregnant. In addition, the ultrasound before IUD insertion also aims to determine the right IUD insertion position.
  2. The IUD insertion process by an experienced SpOG doctor.
  3. After the IUD insertion, Mom’s uterus is checked again to ensure that the IUD insertion has been done correctly.
IUD Insertion to Delay Pregnancy for 5 Years

Some moms and dads may think that IUD insertion is quite expensive. This is natural, as the price of an IUD seems many times higher than contraceptives such as birth control injections or birth control pills. This kind of thinking is not correct. Birth control injections and pills have a shorter period of effectiveness, which is about 1–3 months. This means that in that time span, Mom has to spend money every time she does injections/buys pills. If calculated in the long run, of course, the cost of these two contraceptives will be more expensive than the price of installing an IUD.

An IUD is a long-term contraceptive device that is installed in Mom’s uterus. The price of IUD insertion that Mom pays is the price of Mom’s contraception in the long term, ranging from 3-10 years, depending on the type of IUD used. The price of installing the IUD is certainly much cheaper if calculated based on its effective time, compared to other contraceptive methods. Another advantage of using the IUD is its high percentage of effectiveness in preventing pregnancy, which can reach 99%.

The price of IUD insertion at the Kehamilan Sehat is affordable and comparable to the facilities and services provided. At the Kehamilan Sehat, the IUD insertion process consists of several stages, namely:

  1. Before inserting the IUD, Mom will have her blood pressure and weight checked. IUD insertion cannot be done if Mom has a pelvic inflammatory disease or active sexually transmitted disease infection, is pregnant, has problems with the uterus, or has abnormal bleeding.
  2. The Healthy Pregnancy Team will also ask some questions, including:
  3. Ask about the patient’s family planning needs and choices.
  4. Ask about previous family planning history.
  5. Ask about the number of children the patient has had.
  6. Explaining the benefits and side effects of birth control (IUD).
  7. Ensure that the patient understands the benefits and side effects of IUD insertion.
  8. An anamnesis or interview is conducted to confirm the commitments made by Mom and Dad prior to insertion.
IUD Insertion with a Specialist and Sterile Equipment

If all examinations go well and there are no obstacles, then the Kehamilan Sehat team immediately performs the IUD insertion.

Having an IUD inserted at Kehamilan Sehat is the right choice because Kehamilan Sehat has various advantages, namely:

  1. Kehamilan Sehat has complete and best facilities.
  2. All tools are sterile, so they are safe to use by couples who want to install the IUD.
  3. Mom is examined using ultrasound first before the installation of the IUD by a doctor to ensure the condition of the uterus.

IUD insertion at Kehamilan Sehat is done by a trusted and certified gynecologist. Kehamilan Sehat has various advantages in terms of both IUD insertion and pregnancy planning and examination.

Pregnancy Sehat also provides consultation services about the uterus, so Mom and Dad can consult before installing the IUD. Immediately plan your pregnancy or birth control with Kehamilan Sehat to realize a quality family! Click here for complete information about IUD insertion prices and make an IUD insertion schedule at Kehamilan Sehat.