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Routine Examination & Fulfillment of Vitamins and Calcium during Pregnancy



Plan Mom’s Pregnancy with Dad with the Pregnancy Program from Kehamilan Sehat

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Individual & Couple Gymnastics to Facilitate Labor & Maintain Fetal Position

(Medicines & Vitamins)

Various Medicines & Vitamins Needed During Pregnancy

Mom’s Safety is Our Priority

A Kehamilan Sehat is the dream of every pregnant mom (Mommil). Seeing the development of the fetus seems to be an energy for Mommil to always provide the best for fetal health. Proper nutrition & balanced nutrition also factor in fetal growth and development in the stomach.

Mommil, who is pregnant with the first child, of course, has the need to consult with an obstetrician, one of which is by routinely conducting 2D ultrasound pregnancy checks to 4D ultrasounds so that Mommil & Dad can monitor the baby-to-be.

At Kehamilan Sehat Periuk, Mommil can meet with certified medical professionals who prioritize the health of Mom & the fetus. Get a free 4D ultrasound for every 2D ultrasound at Kehamilan Sehat.


dr. Fifriana, Sp.OG

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Pediatric Poly

dr. Wenny Prafitriyanti, Sp.A, M.Biomed

Tuesday & Thursday: 17.00-18.00 and 18.46-20.00
Saturday: 09.30-11.30

Registration Information

Walk-in registration to the clinic is according to the doctor’s practice schedule

Registration through the Medital application, which can be downloaded via the Google Play Store or App Store

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"Harga USG nya juga terjangkau, recommended banget"

Pertama kali periksa di klinik Kehamilan Sehat Tempatnya bagus, bersih, Dokter dan perawat yang lain nya ramah, harga USG nya juga terjangkau, recommended banget

Sheselia Christina

"Dokter nya ramah menjelaskan dengan detail"

Dari awal kehamilan sudah cek disini rutin setiap bulan sampai skrng usia kehamilan 33 weeks. Sudah percaya sama Kehamilan sehat mulai dari anak pertama sampai skrng hamil anak ke 2 pelayanan memuaskan lokasi strategis tempatnya bersih dan dokter nya ramah menjelaskan dengan detail. Sukses selalu kehamilan sehat periuk

Wahyu Mukti

"Memuaskan banget karna muka dedeknya terlihat"

Masyaalloh hari ini kontrol ke klinik kehamilan sehat priuk tujuan mau USG 4D dan Alhamdulillah memuaskan banget karna muka dedeknya terlihat luar biasa happy jadinya , dokter dan team nya rama2 semua trimakasih yah 🥰🥰🥰 recommended deh pokoknya

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Why Choose
Kehamilan Sehat Periuk?

Kehamilan Sehat Periuk is the Right Choice for Mommil

Finding pregnancy symptoms is the most beautiful moment that couples look forward to, especially those who are expecting a baby in the middle of their family. Mom and Dad need to consult a gynecologist if pregnancy has been detected. If Mom lives in Tangerang, Mom can visit a good female gynecologist in Tangerang. Why a female doctor? This is one of the considerations because it is not uncommon for Mom to feel more comfortable with a female obstetrician. Choosing the best Tangerang ultrasound clinic with experienced obstetricians is the most important thing to consider.

Pregnancy itself is the period when the embryo has formed, grown, and developed in the woman’s womb. The embryo itself continues to develop until it changes shape into a fetus at 36–40 weeks. In order to ensure the health of Mom and the fetus in the womb, it is necessary to consult a good female gynecologist in Tangerang regularly.

Check Pregnancy at Tangerang Ultrasound Clinic

Checking the condition of pregnancy at the Tangerang ultrasound clinic, specifically Kehamilan Sehat, is the best way to find out the condition of Mom’s pregnancy and the future baby, especially for Mom who lives in the Tangerang area and its surroundings. By checking the condition of pregnancy at a good female gynecologist in Tangerang, there are several things that Mom will learn, such as:

  1. At the Tangerang ultrasound clinic, Mom can check the fetus’s condition and monitor the fetus’s growth and development in the womb.
  2. In addition, regularly checking the womb at the Tangerang ultrasound clinic, of course, can minimize the risk of complications for the fetus and pregnant mother.
  3. Detect any fetal disorders or abnormalities early on.
  4. Make it easier for Mom when undergoing pregnancy.
  5. Most importantly, choosing the best Tangerang ultrasound clinic, of course, will help Mom smooth the delivery process while minimizing the risk of danger, both for Mom and the fetus during labor.
Know the Indications for a Pregnancy Checkup

Consulting and checking the condition of pregnancy is highly recommended for pregnant women from the beginning of pregnancy to the end of pregnancy. Usually, Mom should visit the Tangerang ultrasound clinic according to the gestational age, including:

  • Once for one month at 4-28 weeks of pregnancy.
  • Twice for one month at about 28-36 weeks of pregnancy.
  • Four times for one month or every week when the pregnancy has entered 36 weeks until the delivery period.

In addition, there are also certain conditions that require Mom to consult more often about pregnancy than the scheduled time. These include:

  • Mom’s age is above 35 years old. With this condition, it is very important to have the fetus checked by a good female gynecologist in Tangerang.
  • Having a high-risk pregnancy. If Mom is considered prone to certain conditions while undergoing the pregnancy process, such as hypertension or diabetes.
  • History of premature birth. If Mom has given birth prematurely or there are signs of premature birth during pregnancy, consult your doctor.

Make sure Mom gets the best consultation and advice from a good female obstetrician in Tangerang at Kehamilan Sehat Clinic.

Tips Before Consultation and Pregnancy Checkup

Before having a pregnancy check-up at the Tangerang ultrasound clinic, Mom should prepare these things first:

  • Comprehensive Health History

Usually, the initial pregnancy consultation is done to review the diseases owned by the expectant mother in an overall way, including both family and partner medical histories. Mom should bring all the examination results that have been done, such as laboratory test results, X-rays, and other examination results.

  • Types of Herbal Products or Medicines that have been or are being consumed

We recommend that you bring a list of your medications to the Tangerang ultrasound clinic for examination, including supplements and vitamins that you are currently taking. Given that there are several kinds of drugs that are not safe to take during pregnancy.

  • List of Questions

Before consulting, Mom should make a list of questions about several things that will be known related to pregnancy. Please outline the statements, starting with the most important questions.

To consult a good female gynecologist in Tangerang, Mom does not need to go far anymore. Because Kehamilan Sehat is already available in Tangerang, including Periuk. Get a friendly consultation with our good female gynecologist in Tangerang.