About Kehamilan Sehat Clinic

Since December 2015, Kehamilan Sehat has been the most comprehensive pregnancy clinic. Kehamilan Sehat has served over 250,000 patients for childbirth, pregnancy checks, pregnancy programs, IUD installation, lactation, hypnobirthing, and baby massage, as well as pharmaceutical service activities and laboratory checks over a 7-year period.

At the start of 2022, Kehamilan Sehat had 16 branches spread across several cities including East Jakarta, Tangerang, Bekasi, Palembang, Bandung, and Surabaya. Normal delivery services are provided by 5 of Kehamilan Sehat’s 16 branches, which also serve pediatric clinics.

The Vision of

Kehamilan Sehat

Providing high-quality healthcare services that patients and doctors recommend, as well as staff members are proud of.

Kehamilan Sehat


  1. To provide services geared toward patient safety.
  2. To provide excellent care.
  3. Offering services and products at reasonable prices.
  4. Staff and doctors are happy and proud to be a part of Kehamilan Sehat Sejahtera.

Kehamilan Sehat


Safety: Services based on SOP created to ensure patient and staff safety.

Kinship: Kinship is the foundation of service and the relationship between the staff and the owner of Kehamilan Sehat Clinic.

Continuous Improvement: We encourage continuous improvement for all divisions in Kehamilan Sehat for the sake of the company’s progress, so that the welfare of the entire Kehamilan Sehat family can be improved further (Doctors, Staff, Owners, and Investors).