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Sperm Analysis

Kehamilan Sehat Prime Alam Sutera

Things to Note Before

Sperm Analysis


No having sex or ejaculation for 2-5 days


Wash your hands first before ejaculating


Ejaculate only by yourself, not assisted by your wife, and not orally


Do not use lubricant when masturbating


Sperm that comes out is collected into a container, and the container is immediately closed


Scattered sperm should not be put into the container

Sperm Analysis Procedure at Kehamilan Sehat Prime Alam Sutera


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Come to the clinic according to the schedule that has been made


Bring a referral letter from the doctor


Sperm analysis results come out on the H+1 examination


The results of the sperm analysis will be read directly by doctor at Kehamilan Sehat Prime Alam Sutera

Sperm Analysis Cost

Rp. 485.000,-


dr. Benny Harmoko, M.Ked(OG), Sp.OG

An obstetrician-gynaecologist doctor who practices at Kehamilan Sehat Prime Alam Sutera


dr. Dian Siregar, Sp.OG

An obstetrician-gynaecologist doctor who practices at Kehamilan Sehat Prime Alam Sutera

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Analysis Sperm at Kehamilan Sehat Prime Alam Sutera

Sperm Analysis is Now Available at Kehamilan Sehat

In the pregnancy program procedure, not only women but also men need to do the examination. Fertility examination in men takes the form of sperm analysis.

Sperm analysis is a laboratory test performed to assess male fertility, the results show how much sperm is released, as well as how it looks and how well it moves.
Semen is a thick liquid that comes out of a man’s penis during ejaculation during sexual activity. It carries the sperm out of the man’s body so that it can fertilize the egg and create an embryo (the first stage of pregnancy).

Good news for couples who want to do a pregnancy program, the pregnancy program services at Kehamilan Sehat are now complete. Starting from natural pregnancy programs, insemination, and sperm analysis, everything can now be done only at Kehamilan Sehat Prime Alam Sutera.

Cost of Sperm Analysis in Kehamilan Sehat

If a couple is having difficulty conceiving, there may be a problem with the sperm. Sperm analysis aims to evaluate the possibility of a man being able to cause pregnancy. For fathers who want to do a sperm analysis but do not know the cost of a sperm analysis in Tangerang, Kehamilan Sehat Alam Sutera can be recommended for a sperm analysis place in Tangerang. 

The cost of sperm analysis at Kehamilan Sehat Alam Sutera is affordable. Only with Rp. 485,000 can you already analyze sperm and consult the best obstetrician in Tangerang.

Sperm Analysis Procedure

In addition to the cost of sperm analysis, Dad also needs to know the sperm analysis procedure that will be carried out. But first, know a few things to keep in mind before giving a sperm sample:

1. The doctor will advise you not to have sex or masturbate for 2 to 5 days before the test to ensure as high a sperm count as possible.

2. Do not avoid ejaculation for more than 2 weeks before the test. This may result in a less active sperm sample.

3. Avoid consuming alcohol before having a sperm analysis.

4. Tell the doctor about any medications or herbal supplements that you are taking. 

Here is how the sperm analysis procedure will be performed: 

1. Wash your hands and penis with soap and clean running water, then dry them.

2. Prepare the sample container that has been given to you by the officer and make sure it is clean, dry, and sterile.

3. When you are about to ejaculate, position the sample container so that the sperm can enter the container during ejaculation. Remember, do not put scattered sperm into the container.

4. Once the sperm is successfully inserted, immediately close the container tightly.