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Kehamilan Sehat Palembang Branches

1 of 2 Kehamilan Sehat Palembang Provides Normal Delivery Services

Kehamilan Sehat Ilir (TEMPORARY CLOSED)

Serving Normal Delivery 24/7 Complete with Hospitalization Facilities

Kehamilan Sehat Kenten

Pregnancy Consultation with an Obstetrician (Obgyn) at Kehamilan Sehat


Why Should
Kehamilan Sehat Palembang?

Kehamilan Sehat Ilir and Kehamilan Sehat Kenten Palembang

Finding an obstetrician in Palembang can sometimes be tricky. Access to health facilities is indeed getting better. But for some reason, cheap ultrasound in Palembang still seems far from reality. At Kehamilan Sehat Palembang, Mom can get the service at a competitive price.

Kehamilan Sehat Palembang has two branches located in Ilir and Kenten. The services provided by both branch clinics are also fairly complete. Gynecologists in Palembang who are licensed and reputable in their areas help both equally.
Starting from pregnancy examination, pregnancy program, pharmacy, IUD insertion, and pregnancy gymnastics, all can be found in both Kehamilan Sehat Palembang.  All services will be provided by reputable and trustworthy doctors and obstetricians in Palembang. Despite their status as clinics, both branches come with hospital-grade service standards. Normal delivery services are also available at the Ilir branch of Kehamilan Sehat Palembang.

Gynecologists in Palembang at Kehamilan Sehat Palembang

Kehamilan Sehat Clinic always strive to maintain the same standards in each of its branches. This standard of service quality can also be found at both Kehamilan Sehat Palembang clinics. Kehamilan Sehat Ilir and Kenten branches also provide for moms who need cheap ultrasound services in Palembang.

Kehamilan Sehat Clinic works by holding the value “your safety is our goal”. Every gynecologist in Palembang who practices at Kehamilan Sehat holds the same values. Kehamilan Sehat Clinic Palembang always strives to provide a comfortable experience for patients, both during pregnancy check-ups and during the delivery process.
The obstetricians in Palembang who work with us have certificates and licenses to practice from relevant institutions. During the examination, our doctors will provide education, and information about the condition of the fetus will also be provided. The obstetricians in Palembang working with Kehamilan Sehat are certified and have a license to practice (SIP) from the relevant institutions. During the examination, the doctor will provide education and information about the condition of the fetus and Mommil.

Education from obstetricians in Palembang who work with Kehamilan Sehat is useful for realizing a Kehamilan Sehat and normal delivery. Because although medical technology is growing, Kehamilan Sehat Palembang believes that a Kehamilan Sehat and normal delivery will be difficult to achieve without the knowledge to support them.

Cheap Ultrasound in Palembang

Kehamilan Sehat Clinic Palembang operates under the guiding idea that patient safety and comfort are our top concerns. In order to realize this, Kehamilan Sehat Palembang always puts patient safety and comfort above all else. The cheap ultrasound service in Palembang that we offer is also a commitment to realizing our values.

Complete pregnancy check-up services to certified obstetricians in Palembang are part of what we offer. To provide a sense of security and comfort to patients, Kehamilan Sehat Clinic Palembang branch also presents services with hospital-grade standards.

Hospital-grade service itself is a value that we always maintain in providing services. This service standard can be felt by Mom from the time she enters the clinic during the examination with an obstetrician until the examination is completed.

The cheap ultrasound services in Palembang that we provide are designed at competitive prices and are suitable for all groups. We also provide hospital-like service quality to provide a sense of security and comfort to patients. If Mom needs a consultation with an obstetrician in Palembang or wants to maintain the health of the womb with pregnancy exercises, the Palembang branch of the Kehamilan Sehat Clinic also provides these services.