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2D Ultrasound Check, Free 4D Ultrasound (HD Live Face)

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Kehamilan Sehat Serpong Services

Normal Labor

Safe Normal Delivery for Baby & Fast Recovery Time for Mom

Pregnancy Checkup

Routine Examination & Fulfillment of Vitamins and Calcium during Pregnancy

Pregnancy Program

Plan Mom and Dad’s Pregnancy with Pregnancy Program from Kehamilan Sehat

Birth Control Program (IUD Insertion)

Routine Examination & Fulfillment of Vitamins and Calcium during Pregnancy


Individual & Couple Gymnastics to Facilitate Labor & Maintain Fetal Position

(Drugs & Vitamins)

Various Medicines & Vitamins Needed During Pregnancy

SIP Certified Medical Personnel
& Experienced

Pregnancy is certainly a period that most married couples look forward to. It is not wrong if, during pregnancy, you always want to provide the best for the baby. One of them is looking for a trusted doctor to conduct pregnancy consultations.

Kehamilan Sehat Clinic is one of the clinics that prioritizes the quality of its doctors and nurses.  The existing medical personnel is human resources who have been strictly selected. This is sole because the Kehamilan Sehat Clinic prioritizes the quality of service provided to patients.

In addition, the human resources at the Kehamilan Sehat Clinic can also be ascertained to have been certified SIP (Practice License), so there is no need to doubt.


dr. Medissa Diantika, Sp.OG

Doctor of Kehamilan Sehat Serpong

Ultrasound at Kehamilan Sehat Clinic Serpong


Simply Do 2D Ultrasound Checked up,
Get Free 4D Ultrasound (HD Live Face)





Jalan Raya Puspitek No.51

Buaran, Babakan, Kec. Setu,

Kota Tangerang Selatan,

Banten 15310

Practice Schedule Kehamilan Sehat Serpong During Ramadhan


10.30-12.30 & 14.00-16.00



10.30-12.30 & 14.00-16.00



10.30-12.30 & 14.00-16.00



10.30-12.00 & 13.00-15.00



09.00-11.00 & 13.00-15.00



09.00-11.00 & 13.00-16.00



09.00-11.00 & 14.00-16.00


Pediatric Poly

dr. Xaveria Arlin Algerina, Sp.A

Monday – Thursday and Saturday : 15.30-17.00 WIB 

Lactation Poly

Adnina Hariningrum, CIMI 

Tuesday & Thursday
08.00-09.00 and 19.00-20.00 (by appointment)

15.00-17.00 (by appointment)

Registration Information

Walk-in registration to the clinic is according to the doctor’s practice schedule

Registration through the Medital application, which can be downloaded via the Google Play Store or App Store

Ungkapan Kepuasan Pasien


"The explanation from Dr. Christin was satisfying."

It’s nice to check out the Kehamilan Sehat Clinic in Serpong, the price is also very affordable, and 4D ultrasound is also available. The service is very friendly, and most importantly, the explanation from Dr. Christin is satisfying. Continued success for Kehamilan Sehat Serpong.

Kalsita Setiyaningsih

"Such good facilities at an affordable price."

My experience during treatment & checking the womb at the Serpong Pregnancy clinic is very satisfying because the midwives & doctors are very friendly & good. Besides that, the cost of medicine & other actions is quite pocket-friendly. Thanks, Serpong Pregnancy Clinic, and continued success.

Rya Aza

"Very good facilities at an affordable price."

Very good place. The service is friendly and fast, plus there is a good doctor. The facilities are very good at an affordable price. Will come again if I check up with my wife.

Yosafat Rafael Saputro

400.000+ Pregnant Moms Were Treated

16 Branches in Major Cities

Specialist & General Practitioners

24/7 Give Birth Facility


Why Choose
Kehamilan Sehat Serpong?

Best Ultrasound Clinic in Serpong

Who doesn’t want to enjoy a comfortable pregnancy? Pregnancy is a period that is full of happiness and also full of challenges. The changing physical condition of the body often makes Mom-to-be feel uncomfortable in doing various activities. This is a natural thing and is experienced by all Mommils. However, it does not mean that Mommil should stay silent. Many things can be done to make the pregnancy period healthier and more comfortable, one of which is by examining the Kehamilan Sehat Clinic Serpong. Klinik Sehat Serpong offers a variety of health check-up services to help expectant mothers have peace of mind and comfort during their pregnancy. One of the services is an ultrasound examination. This ultrasound clinic in Serpong provides not only one but 3 types of ultrasound examination services. The types of ultrasound examination services available at the Healthy Serpong Clinic are:
1. Transvaginal Ultrasound
The Ultrasound Clinic in Serpong provides Transvaginal Ultrasound services usually performed early in pregnancy at around 8 weeks of age. The main purpose of this ultrasound service available at Kehamilan Sehat Clinic Serpong is to better understand the condition of the baby in the womb. This type of ultrasound is also performed on women who are undergoing a pregnancy program to determine the condition of the uterus.
2. 2D Ultrasound
Another service from this ultrasound clinic in Serpong is a 2D ultrasound examination that will provide a view of the baby in the womb through black-and-white images.
3. Ultrasound
4D ultrasound is a type of ultrasound that uses the latest technology to see the baby’s condition in real-time. Kehamilan Sehat Clinic Serpong provides 4D ultrasound services where mom-to-be can see the condition, movements, and facial expressions of the fetus in the womb.

Mommil Vitamins Available at Kehamilan Sehat Clinic Serpong

An ultrasound examination will help give the mom-to-be peace of mind by directly observing the development of the fetus in the body. However, this examination is not the only service provided by the ultrasound clinic in Serpong. Kehamilan Sehat Clinic Serpong also provides another service during pregnancy check-ups in the form of vitamin administration for Mommil.
Kehamilan Sehat Serpong provides various types of additional vitamins to help keep Mom’s condition healthy and to ensure the growth and development of the fetus in the womb. Some types of vitamins or supplements that will be provided by Kehamilan Sehat Clinic Serpong are

  1. Calcium
  2. Folic acid
  3. Blood enhancers
  4. Vitamin C, B-complex vitamins, and various other types of vitamins are needed by Mommil according to their conditions.

Klinik Sehat Serpong has a special pharmacy service that provides a variety of vitamins for Mommil. By consuming vitamins from Kehamilan Sehat Clinic Serpong, Mommil’s health, and endurance will be maintained so that Mom can carry out Mom’s daily activities comfortably. At the same time, these vitamins can also help maximize the development of the baby in the womb.

IUD Insertion is Safe at Kehamilan Sehat Serpong

Kehamilan Sehat Clinic Serpong provides a variety of quality services. One of them is the service provided postpartum.
After giving birth, Moms should focus on child care and also self-care in various ways, one of which is by maintaining pregnancy spacing. Efforts to maintain pregnancy spacing can be done by installing a spiral birth control or IUD. Well, this is where Klinik Sehat Serpong comes in with IUD insertion services.

Ultrasound clinic staff in Serpong consisting of professional doctors will help Mom perform IUD insertion treatment appropriately and safely, and it will be guaranteed to function effectively in maintaining the distance between pregnancies, following the principle of Kehamilan Sehat Clinic Serpong, namely “Patient Safety is Our Top Priority”.

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