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Pregnancy Gymnastics with a Professional Instructor (Free Education Session)


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Kehamilan Sehat Kenten Services

Birth Control Program

(IUD Insertion)

Contraception to Prevent Pregnancy Safely and Conveniently



Individual & Couple Gymnastics
to Facilitate Labor
& Maintain Fetal Position



Routine Examination & Fulfillment
of Vitamins and Calcium
during Pregnancy



Plan Mom’s Pregnancy with Dad with the Pregnancy Program from Kehamilan Sehat


(Medicines & Vitamins)

Various Medicines & Vitamins Needed During Pregnancy

Pregnancy Program with Complete Treatment

The pregnancy process is one of the most awaited moments for married couples at the beginning of the marriage. This is because pregnancy is the dream of most people to have children.

For some couples, it is very easy to get signs of pregnancy, but these signs may be very difficult to get for some couples as well. The cause can vary depending on the diagnosis of the obstetrician (Obgyn).

Kehamilan Sehat Clinic is one of the clinics that offer pregnancy program services with obstetricians. With a series of tests and treatments that have been tested, the Kehamilan Sehat Clinic is the right answer. Not only that but couples will also be given complete education about pregnancy for the success of the pregnancy program that is being run.


dr. Suriani Rosida, Sp.OG

Doctor in Charge of Kehamilan Sehat Kenten

Ultrasound at Kehamilan Sehat Kenten


Simply Do 2D Ultrasound Checked up,

Get Free 4D Ultrasound (HD Live Face)




0813-6604-4711 (WhatsApp)


Jl.Residen H Najamuddin

Komplek D’miro No AA 01-03

RT 003/01, Kel. Sukamaju

Kec. Sako Kota Palembang

Ramadhan Practice Schedule of

Kehamilan Sehat Kenten

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

10.00-12.00 & 14.00-16.00

16.00-17.00 & 19.00-20.30

Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

10.00-12.00 & 13.00-15.00

15.00-16.30 & 19.00-20.30



Pediatrician Schedule

Monday 16.00-18.00

Tuesday 12.00-14.00

Wednesday 12.00-14.00 & 16.00-18.00

Friday 12.00-14.00 & 16.00-18.00

Registration Information

Walk-in registration to the clinic is according to the doctor’s practice schedule

Registration through the Medital application, which can be downloaded via the Google Play Store or App Store

400.000+ Pregnant Moms Were Treated

16 Branches in Major Cities

Specialist & General Practitioners

24/7 Give Birth Facility

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Why Choose
Kehamilan Sehat Kenten?

Find the Best Gynecologist in Palembang at Kehamilan Sehat Kenten

Realize a Kehamilan Sehat by choosing the best obstetrician in Palembang. This is true and should be taken into consideration when looking for an obstetric clinic in Palembang. Interestingly, the best obstetrician in Palembang can now be found at the Kehamilan Sehat Kenten clinic. Not only serving from Monday to Saturday, the clinic can also be the answer for Mommil who is looking for an obstetrician in Palembang who is open on Sundays.

Palembang obstetricians will provide a detailed explanation of the condition of the fetus. Education will not only be given to Mommil. In every examination, the best obstetrician in Palembang also recommends that the husband participates in the examination so that he can find out the condition of Mommil and the fetus, and capture the moment of the ultrasound examination. If there are things that you want to ask, during the consultation session at the Palembang obstetric clinic, the husband can also ask the doctor.

Easy to Make an Appointment with an Obstetrician in Palembang that is open on Sunday

Not all couples have time from Monday to Saturday. For Mommils who are still working, finding an obstetrician in Palembang who is open on Sundays can be a challenge. The opportunity to consult with the best obstetrician in Palembang is also hard to come by. If only there were obstetricians in Palembang who were open on Sundays, such things would certainly not need to be worried about.

Now Mommil does not always have to struggle with time or headaches when looking for an obstetrician in Palembang who is open on Sundays. Kehamilan Sehat Clinic Kenten can be the answer for Mommil who needs an obstetrician in Palembang and who is open on Sundays. Mom can also access the best obstetrician in Palembang without having to get a work permit.

Making an appointment with an obstetrician in Palembang who is open on Sundays is not only possible but At Palembang obstetric clinics, this is easy to do.
Although finding an obstetrician in Palembang who is open on Sundays can be done, Mommil who is actively working must also be extra diligent in maintaining her health and that of the fetus. So in addition to increasing knowledge by consulting with the best obstetrician in Palembang, Mommil must also actively implement a healthier lifestyle.

The best obstetrician in Palembang will guide Mommil on how to maintain health during pregnancy. After the examination, Mommil will get an education on how to get adequate nutrition from the best obstetrician in Palembang. Keeping your mind off stress should also be done as a follow-up step after leaving the Palembang gynecology clinic.

Palembang Obstetrics Clinic Hospital Equivalent Services

Palembang Obstetric Clinic is a clinic that adheres to three values, which include, pro normal pregnancy, hospital standard services, and prioritizing patient safety. These three values have always guided the Palembang Obstetrics Clinic in its work. Based on these three values, the Kehamilan Sehat Clinic answers the need for an obstetrician in Palembang who is open on Sundays.

The best obstetrician in Palembang serves by encouraging Mommil to always maintain good health conditions. This is done so that the pregnancy period can be passed normally. When labor comes, Mommil can also give birth to the baby normally at the Palembang obstetrics clinic.
The efforts of the Kehamilan Sehat Clinic in providing obstetrician solutions in Palembang that are open on Sundays are also inseparable from our commitment to realizing hospital-standard services. Professional services with structured SOPs will Mommil get at the Palembang obstetrics clinic. Starting from administrative services to consultations with the best obstetricians in Palembang, friendly service will always be encountered.

Palembang Obstetric Clinic takes patient safety very seriously. Every examination and education provided by the best obstetricians in Palembang is done to reduce the worst risks and ensure patient safety. The availability of obstetricians in Palembang who are open on Sundays is also a form of the Healthy Gynecology Clinic’s efforts in prioritizing patient safety.