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Various Pediatric Poly Services
at Kehamilan Sehat Clinic


Growth and Development Consultation

Routinely consult with a pediatrician at Kehamilan Sehat so that the baby grows well & healthy.


Vaccination for Baby

Get your child vaccinated to avoid infectious diseases and malnutrition at Kehamilan Sehat.


Baby Spa

Enjoy baby spa services such as baby massage, baby swim, and baby gym.


Baby Piercing

Recommendations for safe and reliable baby piercing places.



Treatment for jaundice is now available at Kehamilan Sehat Prime Alam Sutera.



Overcome chronic respiratory diseases in children, such as asthma, pneumonia or pneumonia, and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).

Routinely Consult with Pediatric Doctor for Healthy & Strong Children

Having a healthy & strong growing child is certainly the hope of all moms & dads. Seeing your little one doing active activities & proper nutrition is certainly a precious moment and a source of pride in and of itself. 

So to get it all, surely Mom must go the extra mile in maintaining and ensuring the fulfillment of balanced nutrition. Mom and Dad need to find a pediatrician who has certified pediatricians and excellent service. Therefore, routinely consulting with and checking Mom & Child’s health at the Kehamilan Sehat Pediatric Clinic is the right thing to do. 

In addition to baby health consultations, postpartum care, and examinations when the child is sick, at the Kehamilan Sehat Clinic Mom can also do vaccinations for children from birth until they reach elementary school age. 

With the support of certified & experienced pediatricians & obstetricians in the Pediatric Clinic of Kehamilan Sehat Clinic, Mom will get the best and most prioritized service.

Pregnancy Clinic with Complete Services


Complete & Safe Pediatric Clinic Services
at 10 Kehamilan Sehat Branches Spread Across 5 Major Cities in Indonesia

10 Kehamilan Sehat Branches

Provides Pediatric Clinic Services

Kehamilan Sehat Suncity

Jl. Mayor Madmuin Hasibuan,
RT.004/RW.002, Marga Jaya,
Kec. Bekasi Selatan

Phone : (021) 8946-9150
WhatsApp : 0812-9141-7784

Kehamilan Sehat Kenten Palembang

Komplek D’miro, Jl. Residen H. Najamuddin No.03 RT 003/01,
Suka Maju, Kec. Sako, Kota Palembang
Sumatera Selatan 30164

Phone : 0711-5705511
WhatsApp : 0813-7333-3870

Kehamilan Sehat Premvill Tangerang

Premier Village M-7
Kec. Cipondoh
Kota Tangerang
Banten 15122

WhatsApp : 088-971-500-027

Kehamilan Sehat Prime Ceger Tangerang

Jl. Ceger Raya No.97,
Pd. Karya, Kec. Pd. Aren,
Kota Tangerang Selatan

Phone : (021) 2273-4829
WhatsApp : 0821-1081-4081

Kehamilan Sehat Serpong Tangerang

Jalan Raya Puspitek No.51
Buaran, Babakan, Kec. Setu,
Kota Tangerang Selatan

Phone : –
WhatsApp: 0812-9141-7724

Kehamilan Sehat Alam

Jl. Raya Serpong KM. 8 No. 8C
Pakulonan, Kec. Serpong Utara,
Kota Tangerang Selatan

Phone : 021-53149209
WhatsApp : 0896-8999-1800

Kehamilan Sehat Karang Tengah Tangerang

Jl. Raden Saleh No.1, RT.001/RW.006
Karang Tengah, Kec. Ciledug
Kota Tangerang, Banten 15157

Phone : 021- 22273842
WhatsApp : 0818-0921-6006

Kehamilan Sehat Periuk

Jl. Moh Toha No. 89, Ruko Global Mansion, Blok RA No. 08, RT.013/RW.014, Periuk Jaya, Kec. Periuk, Banten 15131

WhatsApp : 0813-1114-8458

poli anak kehamilan sehat palem semi karawaci

Kehamilan Sehat Palem Semi Tangerang

Ruko CBD Palem Semi No.16-19 Jl. Palem Jepang Kel. Panunggangan Barat
Kec. Cibodas kota Tangerang

Phone : (021) 5958-5454
WhatsApp : 0859-5291-2246

Kehamilan Sehat Kranggan Bekasi

Jalan Raya Hankam 3F & 3G
RT.006/RW.006, Jatimurni,
Kec. Pd. Melati, Kota Bekasi,
Jawa Barat 17431

Telepon : 021-22816169
Whatsapp :

Pediatric Poly Galery

Pediatric Poly Fasilities at Kehamilan Sehat Branches

Satisfaction of

Kehamilan Sehat Patients


"Dr. Ribka's explanation was also clear and did not give me any worries."

The baby’s examination is very good, and the place is comfortable. Dr. Ribka’s explanation is also clear, so it doesn’t give any worries to new moms like me.

Lidya Ningsih

"Relatively competitive price"

Everything is very good; the nurse is friendly, and the doctor is also friendly. The cleanliness of the clinic is very good, and the price is relatively competitive.

Gamaliel’s Mommy

"The clinic is in accordance with health protocols, and the doctor is very educational."

Very satisfied with the health services at KS. My husband and I feel very safe and comfortable getting vaccines at KS because the clinic is in accordance with health protocols and the doctor also provides good education and information for us as parents with babies.

Kenzi’s Mommy

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The Importance of Pediatric Polyclinic for Child Growth and Development Examination


Services Available at the Pediatric Polyclinic

The pediatric clinic provides healthcare for children under the supervision of experienced pediatricians. Vaccinations, child growth checks, child health checks, postpartum checks, sick baby consultations, and other services are commonly available at the pediatric clinic.

All health issues concerning Mom’s child can be handled directly by a pediatrician at the pediatric clinic. Mom no longer has to be concerned about her child’s growth and development or diseases because Mom can now visit the pediatric clinic at the Kehamilan Sehat clinic. In addition, at the Kehamilan Sehat Center, Mom and Dad can speak with a certified pediatrician about the child’s growth and development.

Understanding the Important Role of Pediatric Poly

Pediatric polyclinic is very helpful for parents to deal with various problems in children. We know that children have a greater vulnerability to disease than adults. This is because the child’s organs are still in the developmental stage. Therefore, it is very important for parents to continue monitoring their child’s growth and health problems and find a pediatric clinic that has experienced and certified pediatricians. Especially for certain children who require special health care.
As a result, the pediatric clinic exists to assist parents in obtaining direct consultation regarding children’s health issues.
Furthermore, the pediatric growth and development clinic is useful for parents who want to know whether their child’s development is appropriate for their age.
Given the importance of child development, it is recommended that parents consult with a pediatrician directly by going to the pediatric clinic. Especially consulting related to problems that affect the growth, development, and health of the child. Mom can find out the conditions related to the health of the child with certainty through examinations at the pediatric clinic, specifically at the Kehamilan Sehat clinic, which provides child growth and development poly services.
Kehamilan Sehat Clinic has experienced pediatricians in a fun examination room for children. The pediatric growth and development clinic at Kehamilan Sehat has been supported by intensive care room facilities that are complete and equipped with modern technology.

Child growth and development services at the pediatric clinic are considered very important because abnormalities in child growth and development that are detected at an early age can get the right and appropriate intervention. Growth and development disorders that are detected too late can cause a setback in the child’s development as well as reduce the effectiveness of therapy. This is one of the important tasks and roles of the pediatric growth and development clinic.

The importance of the baby’s health is certainly not without reason. Because after all, children are the next generation. If Mom has problems related to the health of the child, Mom can now consult with an experienced pediatrician at Kehamilan Sehat’s child growth and development polyclinic.

Pediatric Clinic at Kehamilan Sehat

In addition to providing pregnancy programs and maternity clinics for Mom, Kehamilan Sehat Clinic also provides child health services at the pediatric clinic with the help of experienced pediatricians. There are numerous benefits to constantly monitoring children’s growth and development at Kehamilan Sehat pediatricians.

Not only is the price competitive, but adequate facilities and infrastructure improve hospital grade service. Our Pediatric Clinic has also adhered to the same level of care as a hospital. Now, Kehamilan Sehat Clinic has several branches in various cities, including one near Mom’s home. Mom will no longer be perplexed about locating a reputable Pediatric Clinic to monitor her child’s growth and development.