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Find out about the phototherapy service procedure at Kehamilan Sehat

Phototherapy Procedure in Kehamilan Sehat


Consultation with an Sp.A doctor at Kehamilan Sehat Prime Alam Sutera


The doctor will give a referral for a bilirubin lab check


If the results of the bilirubin check show that the child needs

Kehamilan Sehat Prime Alam Sutera Tangerang

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Phototherapy Cost

Start From Rp1.200.000,-

Pediatrician at Kehamilan Sehat Prime Alam Sutera


dr. D. A. Dini Primashanti Dewi, M. Biomed, Sp. A

Pediatrician practicing at Kehamilan Sehat Prime Alam Sutera


dr. Willy Santoso, Sp.A

Pediatrician practicing at Kehamilan Sehat Prime Alam Sutera

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What is Phototherapy?

Phototherapy is better known as “yellow baby light therapy,” As the name suggests, this treatment generally uses bright ultraviolet lights on the baby’s exposed skin.

To find out if your little one may have symptoms of jaundice, Mom or Dad can do several things, including

  1. Look for yellowing of the skin or the whites of the eyes.
  2. Press the tip of the baby’s nose or forehead to see if the skin looks yellow.
  3. Mom and Dad should also observe the baby’s urine and feces. Symptoms of jaundice can be seen if the urine is yellow (a newborn’s urine should be colorless) or the poop is pale (it should be yellow or orange).

If Mom and Dad find the above symptoms, immediately visit the nearest pediatrician. However, please note that even if Little One is experiencing these symptoms, it does not necessarily mean that the baby will be required for yellow baby therapy.

Yellow baby ray therapy is usually only needed for babies who have high levels of bilirubin in their blood, so an examination is needed to determine whether the baby needs this therapy.

After the baby starts to do yellow baby rays, the baby’s skin will experience changes in skin color, urine, and serum. Mom can use phototherapy on the baby to help the body excrete bilirubin more effectively.

How Long Does Phototherapy Take?

There are no specific guidelines when it comes to the length of time for which phototherapy is needed. In some cases, phototherapy will be needed for 24 hours or less, it may take 5 to 7 days.

Guidelines from the AAP indicate that infants are met for hyperbilirubinemia with a level of 18 mg/dL, for infants who are at a level of 13-14 mg/dL it is recommended to stop phototherapy.

Phototherapy Cost

Especially for Moms and Dads who live in Tangerang and are looking for phototherapy services, Moms and Dads, can make Kehamilan Sehat Prime Alam Sutera Tangerang a reference destination.

Mom can visit Kehamilan Sehat Prime Alam Sutera to do phototherapy with a trusted doctor. The procedure for doing phototherapy is that Mom will first consult with a pediatrician at the pediatric clinic of Kehamilan Sehat. The doctor will give directions to check bilirubin, and if the results of the child’s examination require phototherapy rays, then the child will be treated first at Kehamilan Sehat Prime Alam Sutera Mom.

The cost of phototherapy offered by Kehamilan Sehat Prime Alam Sutera is quite competitive, starting at Rp1,200,000.


With this price, it includes the services of a pediatrician. See you at Kehamilan Sehat Prime Alam Sutera Mom.