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Pregnancy is certainly a very happy time for married couples. Various preparations will be made, including choosing a place for pregnancy checks until normal labor.

The consideration of facilities obtained is the main consideration when wanting to do a pregnancy check-up. Of course, the consideration of this facility will be directly proportional to the costs that must be incurred.

No need to hesitate to check pregnancy at the Kehamilan Sehat Clinic, with adequate facilities and SIP-certified specialists and midwives making the Kehamilan Sehat Clinic equivalent to a hospital. Not only that, the costs tend to be lower.


dr. Eva Febia, Sp.OG

Doctor in Charge of Kehamilan Sehat Duren Sawit

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Registration Information

Walk-in registration to the clinic is according to the doctor’s practice schedule

Registration through the Medital application, which can be downloaded via the Google Play Store or App Store

Expressions of Patient Satisfaction


"Recommended for those who are pregnant."

The ultrasound at Kehamilan Sehat yesterday was very satisfactory, as was the ultrasound here. Anyway, it is recommended for those who are pregnant or who are in the pregnancy program. From now on, check your pregnancy at Kehamilan Sehat.

Selvi Wahyuni

"Affordable Prices and Good Service"

Always satisfied with the clinic’s service, doctor Fatin always gives good advice to patients, and the nurse is friendly. From being pregnant with my first child to my second child, I consulted at Kehamilan Sehat Karawaci. Affordable price and good service.

Sry Wahyuni

"There is also an additional discount for those who buy medicine."

Simply do USG 2D to get free USG 4D HD live loh mommil,
The price is very affordable during this pandemic, and there is also an additional discount for those who buy medicine there.
Not to mention getting a detailed medical record, which is really cute with the A3 printout.

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Why Choose Kehamilan Sehat Duren Sawit?

Kehamilan Sehat Duren Sawit East Jakarta

Pregnancy is one of the happiest stages in the life of a woman in particular, and of families in general. For that, every step needs to be taken to ensure the pregnancy process runs smoothly. One of them is conducting pregnancy checks at trusted clinics such as the Kehamilan Sehat Duren Sawit (KS Duren Sawit).

Kehamilan Sehat Duren Sawit is a superior and trusted clinic thanks to the support of professional health / medical personnel ranging from nurses, midwives, and obstetricians, as well as sophisticated tools to monitor the health of mothers and babies in the womb. One of the supporting tools available here is 2D and 4D ultrasound equipment. Various other supporting equipment is available in full for the convenience of Mommil.

Ultrasound Clinic in East Jakarta with Affordable Prices for All People

Health services at Kehamilan Sehat Duren Sawit is the right choice for an ultrasound clinic in East Jakarta and surrounding areas. This ultrasound clinic in East Jakarta provides 2D and 4D ultrasound services at affordable prices for all people. The ultrasound service itself has many benefits that should not be ignored by mothers, namely:

1. The ultrasound clinic in East Jakarta will help prospective mothers know the sex of the fetus. This is one of the most anticipated benefits for prospective mothers and fathers.
2. Seeing the condition of the fetus in the womb. Examination at the Kehamilan Sehat Clinic Duren Sawit will show whether the condition of the fetus is normal and in accordance with the development of gestational age should be. If the results of the examination at the ultrasound clinic in East Jakarta show an unnatural condition, then action can be taken as early as possible to prevent the problem from becoming bigger.
3. The results of the examination at the ultrasound clinic in East Jakarta can also show the position of the fetus, whether it is breech or not. If the position of the fetus is breech or in other conditions that make the normal delivery process risky, action can be taken to help restore the fetal position to normal. If the results of the ultrasound clinic in East Jakarta at the end of pregnancy show that the baby’s position is still not normal, then actions such as Caesarean section can be planned early.

Professional service is the core of Kehamilan Sehat Duren Sawit’s services. Professional service starts from the beginning of the arrival until the return. The midwives and nurses of the ultrasound clinic in East Jakarta will help Mommil understand the results of the examination better, starting from the mother’s condition, the fetal condition, the baby’s position, existing problems, and how to overcome these problems.

Kehamilan Sehat Duren Sawit also provides pregnancy programs for Moms and Dads

In addition to ultrasound services, Kehamilan Sehat Clinic Duren Sawit also provides another service program, namely a pregnancy program for married couples. This program is intended for married couples who want to have a baby soon. The Kehamilan Sehat Clinic Duren Sawit pregnancy program consists of several procedures to get maximum results. Some series of procedures from the pregnancy program as part of the Duren Sawit Kehamilan Sehat service are:

1. Fertility consultation
Fertility consultation as part of pregnancy program services and Kehamilan Sehat services Duren Sawit is carried out to find out about the menstrual cycle and frequency of sexual intercourse to analyze infertility factors.

2. Implementation of various tests
To maximize Kehamilan Sehat services Duren Sawit in connection with the pregnancy program, several tests will be carried out to determine whether there are disorders that cause infertility. The tests carried out can be in the form of blood tests, sperm analysis, ultrasound, hormone examinations, and various other tests as needed.

The various types of services at the Kehamilan Sehat Clinic Duren Sawit are the answer to the needs of married couples who want to go through the best possible pregnancy period until the birth period arrives.