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dr. Dinda Anes Tunjungsari, Sp.A

Meet dr. Dinda, SpA the best pediatrician in Surabaya who practices at Kehamilan Sehat Ngagel, Surabaya. See dr. Dinda’s Practice Schedule below:

Pediatrician Schedule at KS Ngagel


Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday



*Schedule subject to change

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Jl. Ngagel Rejo Utara No.46-48, Ngagelrejo, Kec. Wonokromo, Surabaya, East Java 60245.

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Rp170.000.- (Including admin fee)

*consultation fee does not include registration fees, drug fees, or vaccines

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Best Pediatrician Recommendations in Surabaya

Take your child to the pediatrician if...

It is not uncommon for parents who are still confused in determining when to bring their little one to the pediatrician. The following are child conditions that need to be taken to a pediatrician, among others:


Allergies in children occur due to several reasons, such as certain types of food, such as eggs, nuts, milk. Allergies are usually characterized by the appearance of reddish bumps that feel itchy in the skin area, but some children may experience different allergy symptoms.

Generally, this condition does not pose a life-threatening danger to the child. However, this condition certainly makes the child uncomfortable. Therefore, Mom needs to take the child to the pediatrician so that the doctor will provide allergy medication according to the needs of the child.


A child is said to have a fever if the child’s body temperature exceeds 37°C. Fever in children is most often caused by coughs, colds and flu. Fever does not always require treatment, but there are several conditions where fever in children needs to be watched out for, for example, fever occurs for more than 3 days and is accompanied by diarrhea or prolonged vomiting.

Therefore, it is better for Mom to bring the child with fever to the pediatrician. The purpose of going to the best pediatrician in Surabaya is for your child to get fever-reducing drugs or drugs for other symptoms so that he/she can recover completely.


According to WHO, the definition of diarrhea is a condition where a person defecates with a mushy or even liquid consistency, and the frequency is more frequent than usual, three times or more in one day.

In this condition, Mom needs to immediately take the child to the pediatrician to get the right treatment, because if the child does not recover after a few days it will cause other problems.

Respiratory Disorders

Respiratory distress in children is a health condition that should not be underestimated, Mom. Shortness of breath in children must be treated immediately so as not to trigger dangerous conditions because shortness of breath can be a sign of a disease that needs to be watched out for, one of which is pneumonia.

Pneumonia is a lung infection that can be fatal if not treated quickly and appropriately. Pneumonia can make it difficult for the child to breathe and lack oxygen intake. Therefore, it is important for Mom to know that if the Little One experiences shortness of breath or other respiratory problems, immediately visit a pediatrician.

Growth and Development Disorders

Pediatricians are also responsible for helping mom and dad monitor their child’s growth and development. Although the growth and development of each child may vary, there are signs of developmental disorders in children which may have long-term effects.

This certainly should not be ignored, Mom and Dad need to pay attention to the child’s growth and development milestones according to their age. If Mom and Dad are in doubt, there is nothing wrong with consulting a pediatrician for guidance.

Tips for Choosing a Pediatrician

Pediatricians are tasked with providing disease prevention measures for healthy infants, children and adolescents, as well as providing treatment for sick children, both acute and chronic. Here are tips for choosing a pediatrician that Mom and Dad need to know:

1. Consider the Pediatrician’s Location

The distance between the location where Mom lives and the pediatrician’s practice is a consideration in choosing the right pediatrician. In addition, you should choose the location of the pediatrician

2. Ensure Adequate Facilities

Mom also needs to assess the completeness of the available pediatrician facilities, ranging from waiting room facilities that can make Mom comfortable, to treatment facilities such as laboratories to radiology examinations.

3. Communicative and Friendly Doctor

To make the visit to the pediatrician effective and satisfying, Mom needs to choose a communicative pediatrician. That is, during the consultation, pay attention to whether the pediatrician’s explanation is easy to understand and has answered questions well or not.

In addition, choosing a friendly pediatrician also increases the comfort of Mom and the child during the examination.

Best Pediatrician Costs in Surabaya

For Mom who lives in Surabaya, especially Ngagel, there is no need to bother looking for the best pediatrician in Surabaya. Come to Kehamilan Sehat Ngagel to get pediatrician services that are communicative, friendly and of course experienced. In addition, the pediatric clinic at Kehamilan Sehat Ngagel is also equipped with adequate, comfortable and safe facilities.

With consultation fees starting from Rp170.000,- Mom can already get the best service from the best pediatrician in Surabaya! The pediatrician schedule at Kehamilan Sehat Ngagel is flexible. Make an appointment now!