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Simply Do 2D Ultrasound Get a Free 4D Ultrasound (HD Live Face)

During pregnancy, the examination is a mandatory agenda item that must be carried out by a married couple. This is useful to see the development of the baby so that it remains in good condition.

The examination that can be done by Mommil is a 2D and 4D ultrasound examination. 2D ultrasound examination is an ultrasound that serves to check the growth and development of the fetus, besides that, it can also reveal the sex of the baby, while a 4D ultrasound is usually used to see the baby’s face in 4 dimensions (HD live face).

Of course, the costs incurred to perform 2D & 4D ultrasounds are not small. Some hospitals and other clinics distinguish between 2D and 4D ultrasound costs. Only Kehamilan Sehat Clinic is one clinic that offers a free 4D ultrasound when mom does a 2D ultrasound. Also, Mommil will be given a detailed explanation by an obstetrician (Obgyn) about the baby’s development.


dr. Duta Atur, Sp.OG

Doctor in Charge of Kehamilan Sehat Suncity

Ultrasound at Kehamilan Sehat Suncity


Simply Do 2D Ultrasound Checked up,

Get Free 4D Ultrasound (HD Live Face)

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If Mom & Dad are looking for a clinic to ensure a Kehamilan Sehat for Mommil & Baby, then Suncity Kehamilan Sehat Clinic is the right choice. 

With quality and service that always prioritizes patient safety, the medical professionals at Suncity Kehamilan Sehat implement regular procedures for patient comfort. 

In addition to pregnancy check-ups, Mommil can also participate in pregnancy exercises to get an education and support Mommil to have a normal delivery. By regularly doing pregnancy exercises, Mom can also overcome the problem of pain and maintain Mom’s weight. 

So, now it’s time for Mom to get the best service by regularly visiting the Kehamilan Sehat Clinic for a gynecological check-up & pregnancy exercises.

dr. Nia, Sp.OG

Doctor in Charge of Kehamilan Sehat Suncity



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dr. Hardiman, Sp.A

Tuesday and Wednesday : 11.00-13.00
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Why Should

Kehamilan Sehat Suncity?

Clinic with Hospital Equivalent Quality

Pregnancy checks can be done in various places, ranging from health centers, hospitals, midwife practices, and pregnancy clinics. To get quality services and support from sophisticated tools, some people choose to check their pregnancy with an obstetrician in a hospital. However, did you know that you can also get high-quality services from a clinic?
Suncity Kehamilan Sehat Clinic Bekasi is a clinic that has 3 added values that make it worthy of being the choice of a Kehamilan Sehat clinic in the Bekasi area. The three values are:
Hospital-grade service,
Pro Normal

The principle of “patient safety is our top priority”
Based on these three values, Suncity Bekasi Kehamilan Sehat Clinic promises super quality and super safe services to ensure patient safety, comfort, and satisfaction. Here, you can get various types of pregnancy check-up services, including offers in the form of cheap ultrasound fees in Bekasi.

Cheap Ultrasound Cost in Bekasi

One of the main advantages of Suncity Kehamilan Sehat services is the cheap ultrasound cost in Bekasi, which is lower in all circles. Mommil can get this cheap ultrasound fee in Bekasi for 2D ultrasound and also 4D ultrasound. A 2D ultrasound produces a black-and-white view of the baby in the womb, while a 4D ultrasound displays a colored, real-time view of the fetus.

Of the two types of ultrasound, 4D ultrasound is becoming more popular because it is able to provide more and clearer results. This means that Mom and Dad can see the baby directly in the womb. Moreover, this cheap ultrasound service in Bekasi makes it affordable for everyone.

For obstetricians, especially those who provide services at Suncity Kehamilan Sehat, the results of this 4D ultrasound can provide a clearer picture of the baby’s condition and development, so that if there are things that look inappropriate, the doctors can immediately take preventive action early on.
Suncity Kehamilan Sehat Clinic Bekasi offers more than just cheap ultrasound fees in Bekasi. Part of the offer provided by Suncity Kehamilan Sehat is that Mommils who choose to do a 2D ultrasound at KKS will get a free 4D ultrasound examination service. It’s a very attractive offer, so don’t let Mommil miss it!

Reliable and Transparent Information

Cheap ultrasounds in Bekasi are just one of the many advantages of Suncity Kehamilan Sehat. Another advantage comes from the staff, which includes nurses, midwives, and obstetricians. Professionalism, by adhering to the principle that patient safety is our top priority, is felt in every form of service.

The obstetrician who conducts the examination at Suncity Kehamilan Sehat Clinic will provide clear and complete information about the condition of Mommil and the baby in the womb. This way, Mommil will fully understand the stages of Mommil’s baby’s development, whether they are appropriate or not. Not only that, the Suncity Kehamilan Sehat obstetrician will provide various other information related to efforts to keep the womb healthy and smooth until the time of delivery arrives.
Mommil can consult the doctor directly about any problems related to pregnancy, and Mommil’s doctor will explain it in detail to help ease Mommil’s worries. All of these advantages are once again available at Suncity Kehamilan Sehat Clinic in Bekasi, and Mommil can enjoy them all at a competitive price.

Ultrasound Services at a Competitive Price

Kehamilan Sehat Clinic provides ultrasound services at low costs in Bekasi. There are two types of ultrasound services available at Kehamilan Sehat Clinic, namely 2D ultrasound and 4D ultrasound.

2D ultrasound is most commonly used during pregnancy to ensure Mom’s baby is healthy and growing well. On a 2D ultrasound, Mom can check how the baby is developing while in the womb.

Besides being able to know the baby’s development, with 2D ultrasound, Mom can also know the size of the baby’s head, abdomen, and feet. 2D ultrasound can also be used to monitor the baby’s heartbeat and movement.
The cost of 2D ultrasound at the Kehamilan Sehat Clinic is included in the category of cheap ultrasound costs in Bekasi. Mom will get ultrasound results in the form of black-and-white images that show the shape of the fetus in the womb.

Although the cost of 2D ultrasound at Kehamilan Sehat Bekasi is still classified as a cheap ultrasound cost in Bekasi, the services provided have hospital standards while still prioritizing the safety of Mom & Baby. Another function of 2D ultrasound is not only to check the condition of the fetus in the womb. As a mother, Mom can also check the state of things such as tumors, polyps, or cysts in the main organs.

Kehamilan Sehat Clinic also provides 4D ultrasound, 4D ultrasound examination is done to see what is happening in Mom’s body in real-time. So Mom can see the baby’s movements while in the womb such as kicking, opening, and closing the eyes.
Although it uses better technology than 2D ultrasound, the cost of 4D ultrasound at the Kehamilan Sehat Clinic is still classified as cheap ultrasound costs in Bekasi. In fact, the Kehamilan Sehat Clinic provides services in the form of free 4D live ultrasounds only by conducting a 2D ultrasound examination.
Kehamilan Sehat Clinic offers convenience, completeness of services, and cheap ultrasound fees in Bekasi. Always make sure the condition of the fetus and Mom are in a healthy state by doing an ultrasound at the Kehamilan Sehat Clinic.